Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free Intraday Tips For Stock Market In India

SENSEX (Close - 18585.00)
Sensex remains in a choppy session with extreme movement. It is trading in this zone from last few trading sessions. We are little too far from strong technical support f 18270 levels. It seems that market will take some lower opening due to fall in US market last night. 

One must wait for IIP data, which is scheduled to come out today. There is no great expectation from this data but it is still very important. Well, on this side Sensex will have technical resistance at 18700 to 18750 levels. It has already come off from those levels too many times. Wait, watch and trade short. 

NIFTY STOCK (Close - 5565.05)
Intraday Nifty Stock is either little above or little below 5550 marks in the last trading session. We must note that if it breaks 5500 marks then it can go to hit 5440 levels. Any break below 5440 will trigger panic selling. On higher side 5600 will remains a crucial resistance. 

LT (Close - 1522.65)
It has closed below the threshold levels of 1525 levels. If trades sustain below 1525 then one can expect it hitting at 1500 marks. If it breaks 1500 then it can go to hit 1460 very soon. Although it is in over sold zone but still looking weak. 


In the last week Nifty almost tumbled 466 points after a made a high 5906. Short term market over sold and corrective rally on continue . Pull back rally will face resistance 5619- 5630 thereafter ---5700-5729, thereafter index will gathering momentum. Strong resistance of this week is 5590.. Down side key support 5350-5300 watch out. Break and trade below, further fall in the market.
Today : BSE Index is open positively and showing volatile and range bound situation and close positively. Over all if we say technically it is in side ways mode. Now today support watch 18454-18254-18166 and resistance is 18738-18804. Today crucial level 18640.


TODAY: Bank Nifty opens positively and after it was showing volatile situation in the market. And close positively. Over all it is in side ways trend. Now the important level to watch for intraday working support is 10913-10850 and resistance is 11139-11300. Now current down move will retest again 10000 mark or even below ?........ Today crucial level 11102.

Intraday Nifty Future Closed : 5562. : Yesterday it was predicted that lower level support is 5525-5510 and it was did and strong buying forces during the market hrs resulted it was made a high of 5578. 

Now Today : we may consider resistance 5590-5605 continue, decisively break and with volume.....will change the trend, down side support 5500-5505.. break and trade below further weakness.... In between No Trading Zone...

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