Monday, February 14, 2011

Indian Stock Market Tips

BSE index: (17729) Consider for this week...17637 & 17524 crucial supports, up surges will be seen till these supports remain intact, keep stop loss of 17295 to your buys.

Upward side it'll surge up to 17807 & 17912-17947 which is a crucial resistance to watch out for. Crossover above 17947 it'll surge up further to 18081 & 18150, consider 18150 a most crucial resistance where selling will be seen. In the best-case scenario a close above 18150 it'll surge up maximum to 18449, sell on higher levels keeping stop loss of 18543 on overall basis.

Downward side break below 17295 it'll fall down to 17164 initially. A close below 17164 it'll crash down to 16944-16893 & 16727-16684.

ICICI BANK: down side the stock taste 942, now remains out from the stock the stock can touch the 1037-1051 so find shorting opportunity there.

AXIS BANK:  The stock took short term support at the level of 1145 and can touch the 1270-1285 in near days so short there with small stop loss of 1300 for the target of 1100-1050.

PNB: revised the profit stop loss to 1095 and maintain short position.

RANBAXY: the medium term short selling is still continue, but in short term the stock can touch the 540 and 570 level so revised the stop loss to 585 and maintain short position for the the down side target 480-440 (40 trading days) 

On NSE Future and Options, total number of contracts traded in index futures was 805613 with a total turnover of Rs 19,962.93 Crore. Along with this total number of contracts traded in stock futures were 729925 with a total turnover of Rs 17,645.16 Crore. Total numbers of contracts for index options were 3927865 with a total turnover of Rs 104,970.59 Crore and total numbers of contracts for stock options were 164306 and notional turnover was Rs 4,457.92 Crore.

Top traded volumes on NSE Nifty – Jaiprakash Associates with total traded volume of 21,737,587, followed by Suzlon Energy with 19,124,395, Reliance Communication with 17,559,017, IDFC with 17,444,491 and Hindalco with 15,181,005.

On BSE, total number of shares traded was 33.39 Crore and total turnover stood at Rs 3,445.18 Crore. On NSE, total number of shares traded were 83.79 Crore and total turnover was Rs 13,776.82 Crore.

The FIIs on Friday stood as net seller in equity and debt. Gross equity purchased stood at Rs 3,046.2 Crore and gross debt purchased stood at Rs 336.6 Crore, while the gross equity sold stood at Rs 3,891.7 Crore and gross debt sold stood at Rs 1,098.3 Crore. Therefore, the net investment of equity and debt reported were Rs (845.5.) Crore and Rs (761.7) Crore respectively.

In the major indices, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed with a gain of 43.97 points or 0.36% at 12,273.26, NASDAQ index finished higher by 18.99 points or 0.68% to 2,809.44. The S&P 500 (SPX) closed higher by 7.28 points or 0.55% to 1,329.15.

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