Tuesday, May 3, 2011

100% Sure Stock Market Tips

Intraday Nifty Stock Today : Yesterday Nifty opens positively. And showing volatile situation in the market and close negatively. Now the support and resistance for the intraday support is 5688-5641 and resistance is 5750-5790-5815. Selling will be intensified if stock trading below 5690, down side target 5650-5600-5575 expected. 

CNX BANK NIFTY : TODAY : Bank Nifty opens positively and it was showing very volatile session in the market. At the end it closes negatively. Now the important level to watch out for intra working resistance 11413-11535 and support is 11139-11050. 

Nifty Stock Future Closed : 5719 :On Monday trading unable to hold 5790 and started downward journey and finally made a low of 5703.......which indicate short term bearish.....

Now TODAY - Consider support 5703-5697.. decisively break with volume over all selling pressure in the market and may test 5665-5625-5611 which is a strong support. Higher level resistance 5755-5793 whereas the selling opportunity.

Strong Support area 950-955
If hold this volume.....time to ...?

Ready to Move.....
Now close eye 1350......thereafter....

Down side support 1600.... Above 1620..?
If not break and stay with volume...
Short term up side.

Down side support 155
Above 160 more up side......

Higher level resistance 385-390
Reversal to sell side...

Below 2050 bear favour
And time to sell side......

Near to strong support
2700-2710.. whether hold or not
Close watch it please. 

Looks good if hold 225 level.

Your stop loss for Long Position
190..........? Thereafter......

Indian stock markets have again reached at cross roads. It happens that when quarterly results are there or annual budget is there, every time it comes up and then as usually happens,  small investors are victim of these small rallies but there are certain street hawkers who come with the rally like monsoon frogs and keep advising viewers, till they are totally finished.

They speak like mad & advise people, 'forget high inflation, high crude oil price, political scams, monsoon and even company results'. No market experts can ever afford to ignore fundamental things beyond a limit. When sometimes market rises on the face of such adverse conditions, definitely big players see that how certain things to peak out but otherwise no irrational theories work in the market. 

Some people make high claims out of frenzy ness or they try to be over smart, that they are no more. Viewers must understand that how such so called mad experts every now and then keep projecting multibagger stories and every time they are meet with a failure. 

Definitely Indian share market has potential to grow enormously but it will happen only when govt. brings black money back to India, checks corruption, sets high corporate governance etc.       

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