Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Stock Tips In Indian Stock Market

BSE index: (17306) Consider for this week...17359 a nearest resistance crossover above which it'll surge up to 17586 & 17705-17726, sell on higher levels keeping stop loss of 17860.
Downward side-break below 16990 it'll fall down further to 16920 & 16816-16763, which is a crucial support area to watch out for. A close below 16763 it'll heavily crash down to 16623, 16396-16347, 15949 & 15771.

Upward side a close above 17860 it'll surge up further to 17953-18002 & thereafter to 18400, overall go short keeping stop loss of 18441.

Nifty Stock Future: (5211) Consider for this week...5245 a nearest resistance crossover above which it'll surge up correctively to 5301 & 5338-5353, sell on higher levels keeping stop loss of 5387. Downward side 5196 a nearest & 5110 a crucial support. Break below 5110 it'll fall down further to 5084 & 5041 initially which is a most crucial support to watch out for. A close below 5041 all round further selling will drag it down to 4995, 4922-4913 & 4789 & thereafter to 4677.

Upward side a close above 5387 it'll surge up further to 5427-5435, overall keep stop loss of 5440 & go short.

BSE : Last week stampede in the world market and almost all market closed week to week in red note and investors rushed to cutting their position. FIIs are continue are net sellers in the market and pull out money from the India. Last as finally broken major support level 18000 and made a low 16990 but managed to close at 17305. In the near term we may consider stiff resistance range 17700-18100 and strong reversal only above that level, down side continue trade more 17000 easily wipe out another 800-1000 points. Weekly Magic No. 17580.

Today: BSE SENSEX open negatively and it was showing very volatile session on down side in the market and close negatively. It down around 700 points and at the end it recovers. Now we may consider resistance17314-17786 and support is 16990-16684. Magic No. 17375 below bear favour and down side target 16973 - thereafter ...... (Below 18000 - down side target 17300 and two close below heading towards 16600-16000 in near term).

BANK NIFTY STOCK :  Overall trend is extremely bearish once RBI hike rate as well as global and broken major support level 11000. Last it made a low 10155 and almost wiped out nearly 900 points of week-to-week basis. Overall trend is bearish and index having formed a bearish candle in weekly chart and likely to trade with further weakness towards 10000 mark. On the higher side 10500-10523 is a stiff resistance in near term and rise to selling opportunity. Further decisively break 10000 with volume free fall in Bank Intraday Nifty and major weakness likely which will test Feb. 2010 low i.e. 8150 likely. Trend Decider 10523.

Today: Overall trend is bearish...below 10350, downside target 10240-10210 then it will test 10144. Sell on rise strategy. Today Magic No. 10400 below down side target 10144 and 10000 - then free fall mode. Weekly close below.

CNX IT : Today: CNX IT open negatively and it was showing down side volatile situation and close negatively. It breaks the all support levels and making the new support level. It showing correction in the market and down almost 4%. Now we may consider support of 6250-6222-6199 and resistance we can see around firstly 5770-5712-5599.

Below 810 weaknesses continue.

Fibonacci Projection - 751-725.

Watch closely support 120
Decisively break with volume...
Free fall - If not break - decide what to do.

We are bearish below 235
And our target 185...
But where to sell
But where and how to trade...
More up date for subscribers only .

After long time...broken support level
Now time to sell...
Today below...see what happened
Our STBT call...
Our target...1132.

Last and final crucial support 440
Thereafter no need to long...

Major support broken...
Play for short sell....with stop loss ....?

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