Thursday, July 21, 2011

Intraday Stocks For Tomorrow

NIFTY: TODAY: Intraday Nifty open positively and it was showing some volatile situation in the market and close negatively. It taking the very good support of 5550. We may consider resistance 5630-5655 and support 5550-5510. Magic No. 5550.

BSE : TODAY: BSE SENSEX open positively and it was showing some volatile situation in the market and close negatively. We may consider resistance 18653-18788-18823 and support is 18471-18323-18235. Magic No.18458.
BANK NIFTY: Today: Bank Nifty open positively and It was showing very volatile session and close negatively. Today support is 11100-11050 mark, higher level resistance 11410-11500 watch out. Magic No. 11144.

CNX IT : Today: CNX IT open positively above 6400 but not sustain at that level and after it showing negativity and close negatively but it didn't break the 6300. More punish in coming days... sell on rise strategy...Major resistance 6408-6500-6541 range, down side strong support 6304-6250-6208 watch out.

NIFTY FUTURE  : Today consider 5560-5550, decisively break with volume...down side target....?...if unable to hold non-stop target 5450.Higher level resistance 5610-5630 whereas the selling opportunity with tight stop loss.

Selling pressure at higher level
Strong Volume
Below 225 do not think to buy...
Once break 212............non stop target...

Yesterday High your stop loss
And sell on rise...
Lower level support 440 +.

Just watch 240 to 245
Break out this range... will test...

Last and final support exit 400
More closing require will take
Down side 350 mark...with conditions.

Below 295 time to bear favour.

Below 500 why you are buying
But we are in selling mode.

Stiff Resistance at higher level
583-585 - Reversal to Sell side.

We are in selling mode below 240-238
More down side...
130-140 are a good support
And buy for long term.

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